Metal Prints

Our metal prints make photos come alive with vibrant colors that can't be achieved on paper. The surface of our metal prints beams with such vibrant color and visual depth that they appear nearly 3D.

Yellow Lab Imaging uses Softworks System's Remote Order Entry System (ROES) for accepting orders online. ROES is considered the industry standard method for full service professional photo labs to receive digital files. The ROES client is a Java application that can run on both PC and Apple computers. Just click the link below to get started.

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General Information

Metal Prints from Yellow Lab Imaging infuse dyes directly into specially coated aluminum panels creating brilliant images that shine with radiant color. The coating acts as a durable barrier against dirt, scratches and harmful UV rays, thus eliminating the need for protective glass or framing. Turnaround time for Metal Prints is 1-2 weeks.

With our EZ Display System, it makes displaying your metal prints a snap. The prints can be supplied with holes in each corner, then:

1. Place the print where you want it on the wall, level it and mark the corners through the holes.
2. Set the print aside while you secure the back of the two-piece mounting posts to the wall.
3. Place the print on the posts and secure with the front piece of the posts.

Product Pricing

Size Print Only Print with EZ Display
5x7 24.00 Each 50.00 Each
8x10 32.00 Each 58.00 Each
11x14 49.50 Each 75.50 Each
16x20 79.50 Each 105.50 Each
20x30 147.00 Each 173.00 Each
30x40 278.00 Each 304.00 Each
Square Sizes
10x10 39.00 Each 65.00 Each
20x20 108.00 Each 134.00 Each
30x30 276.00 Each 302.00 Each