Copies and Photo Restoration

Let us help save some of your most important family heirlooms, your photos. We can help restore damaged photos so that they can be passed down for future generations to enjoy.

Yellow Lab Imaging uses Softworks System's Remote Order Entry System (ROES) for accepting orders online. ROES is considered the industry standard method for full service professional photo labs to receive digital files. The ROES client is a Java application that can run on both PC and Apple computers. Just click the link below to get started.

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General Information

We can scan or copy shoot your damaged originals, then digitally clean up and restore them to new. Don't let memories fade away, let us help preserve those precious moments today. All restoration work is done on a quote basis and varies by project complexity. Turnaround time on restoration projects is volume dependent and varies.

Product Pricing

Restoration Rate per hour Minimum Charge Notes
60.00 5.00 All orders are based on a quoted estimate.